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About Sandy Avocado 



Sandy Avocado Surf offers camps and lessons in a safe environment for any skill level. Summer swells are calling- catch your first wave, improve your riding, learn new tricks, or try new boards. Our team guides you at your own pace and helps facilitate fun while improving your techniques!

Founded in 2016 by professional skimboarder and amateur surfer, Steff Mags, Sandy Avocado Surf began as an immersive skimboarding camp in Harvey Cedars.


​Steff Mags has always been called to the ocean and discovered her love for board sports as a young teen. Competing around the United States as well as internationally, Steff found herself entering her 20's as a professional skimboarder and coach for the next generation of riders.


"For me board riding is total freedom and expression of joy. Every time my feet are on a board I am consciously in the present moment with nothing else on my mind and a smile on my face"

An avocado fell into the sand one day during almuerzo en Costa Rica and Steff had the vision to transform the program into something more than just skimboarding. Sandy Avocado Surf was launched in 2019 and has been serving up summer smiles ever since. Our programs reflect our areas of expertise as a collective community of board riders. Our mission is to empower people through surf and offer a socially conscious approach to the industry. We are a proud #femaleowned #smallbusiness operating on Long Beach Island and believe that HAPPINESS COMES IN WAVES

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