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The Sandy Avocado 


"What inspires me most to teach are each of the students and their enthusiasm to learn."

-Sandy Avocado Founder, Steff Mags

The Sandy Avocado Surf Camp provides fun, athletic camps and lessons for any skill level. We invite everyone to learn with us and will make any experience at the Jersey Shore more memorable. If this is your first time, we’ll get you riding by the end of the day. If you are ready to go pro, we'll help you master new tricks. Camp sessions are fun and based on improving at your own speed.

In 2016, local professional skimboarder Steff Mags started LBI Skim Camp as a small operation, offering new ways to learn skimboarding here on Long Beach Island.


​Steff Mags has always been called to the ocean. She rode a wooden skimboard for the first time at age 12 in South Jersey and started surfing on LBI at age 14.


"My first time on a skimboard I spent an entire day trying to get just one solid glide across the thin water of the shoreline. I eventually did and from that moment on, I was hooked,” she remembers.

Mags went through her grom stage, throwing her beat up wooden board, dreaming of riding waves. Her game changer was a fiberglass board as a gift for turning 15. From then on, she was dedicated to getting herself and a skimboard onto a wave together.

Her competitive career began on LBI, at age 16, in local events. Her results weren’t stellar. "I'm a natural born competitor so every loss was used to fuel my desire to improve. I began teaching skimming at age 19 and this helped my skill level tremendously,” she explained.

Mags turned pro in 2011 and in 2012 and ’13, she was chosen to represent the Women’s Division on the Skim USA Team to later compete internationally and take home first place. She remained in the top three of the Pro Women for five consecutive years and was the first female in ocean riding skim to have a pro model board. After working as a head instructor at Jersey Shore Skim Camp for four years, she returned to her home break to start her own camp.

Her involvement with the sport has brought her up and down the East Coast and countless trips to California. The lifestyle has inspired her to explore other beaches around the world including Portugal, Costa Rica, and South America.

"With surfing, I immediately experienced the overwhelming fear that the ocean can bring when not understood. After years of getting tossed around and learning how to read and ride waves, I began to develop my own style and flow. Surfing brings me shared love and joy with the ocean that I've never experienced elsewhere."

Steff became a surf instructor in Costa Rica in 2018 and is now bringing the "pura vida" back to New Jersey!

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