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How To Live More Pura Vida with El Chante Surf House

El Chante Surf House is nestled on the jungle beaches of Playa Hermosa, next to Santa Teresa, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

They offer various surf and yoga packages for people of all abilities as well as surf trips, lessons, tours, and all of the modern essentials that you need for an epic Costa Rican vacation.

'Pura Vida' is a term that you will hear locals and tourists using simultaneously throughout town or out in the lineup. We caught up with Fernando, Costa Rica native and owner of El Chante, to learn what

Pura Vida means to him and how to add more sunshine, waves, and good vibes into our lives...

"For me Pura Vida means of course 'pure life' so it means no stress, no worries, or worry less about the things in life. Try to see always the positive side of everything. Its basically chill, live with the flow, try to be humble and nice to everyone, try to make everyone feel welcome around you. Live simple, chill, live happy doing what you love."

"To feel more Pura Vida in life we can not stress so much with everything, not rush things, live your life, find your flow, find the things that make you happy, make it happen, chill more, and live in the moment with responsibility."

El Chante Surf House is the perfect place to stay, surf, chill, and experience Pura Vida for yourself. Their natural elements mixed with modern living provide the perfect getaway for your next vacation 🌊🌴

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