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Be Surf Ready Anytime with SurfSkate

Surf your heart out even on flat days...

As an avid surfer, nothing is more frustrating than getting to the beach and not being able to catch any good waves. Even on good days, there's a lot of paddling and waiting involved. But what if there was a way to train for surfing and condition your body anytime - even on flat days? That's where surfskate comes in!

With surf skating, you can replicate the same motions as when you're surfing, improving your skills while still having fun. No matter the conditions, you can train and prepare for when the waves are just right. Say goodbye to wasted days at the beach and hello to an improved surfing experience.

So, next time you can't make it to the beach or the waves aren't cooperating, grab a surfskate at your local surf or skate shop and keep shredding!

Our favorite boards to ride? YOW: A New World of Skateboarding


There are a lot of skateboards out there, but none compare to YOW.

YOW is more than just a board - it's a tool that allows you to explore the intersections of ocean, mountain, and concrete.

Their patented surfskate system lets you mimic the motions of surfing on asphalt or concrete. They use a coil spring system that converts their boards into a surfboard or a freeride snowboard, thanks to its tight turning radius.

With YOW, you can find waves wherever you are. Imagine the freedom of riding the streets with the fluid movements and feelings of surfing and freeride snowboarding.

Join the YOW movement with Sandy Avocado Surf this summer and experience skateboarding like never before!

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