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Benefits of Surfing For Kids by Take Off Surf

Take Off Surf Camp & Lodge promotes surfing with activities that complement and unite the community for the enjoyment of an environment full of nature. Their program allows families and children to develop their experience in a safe way, learning by practicing the best sport in the world with determination, perseverance and confidence.

Nestled in the jungle in Playa Hermosa de Cobano, Costa Rica, Take Off hosts the area’s leading kids surf camp and welcomes visitors to stay at their newly renovated lodge. Their program offers cross training for surfing delivered in a fun and unique way for kids. A week at their camp offers kids experience in surf-cross-training through safe surfing techniques, apnea training, carver skating & more!

Take Off Surf promotes creative learning for surf progression and has values that mirror ours at The Sandy Avocado Surf Camp. We love their Benefits Of Surfing For Kids and want to share them with you! Be sure to book a lesson or a stay at Take Off Surf Camp & Lodge the next time that you’re in Playa Hermosa de Cobano, Costa Rica 🌊

Benefits Of Surfing For Kids

by Take Off Surf

Surf as a sport has multiple physical and psicological benefits. It helps kids to integrate socialy and to acquire fundamental values, apart from building the right development of the bones and muscles. These are some of the benefits:

  1. Integration of children in society. Although surfing is not a team sport like football, but it is generally practiced in the company of other surfers.

  2. It teaches them to follow rules, such as not interfering with other surfers and knowing what waves can be surfed.

  3. It helps them open up and overcome shyness because it consists of activities carried out in groups of children of similar ages.

  4. Through sports, children learn to recognize the value and rewards of continuous effort and training in the medium and long term.

  5. It puts a brake on hyperactivity or possible aggressive tendencies because it channels the excess energy.

  6. It promotes relaxation and releases the physical and nervous tension that often accumulates during the week.

  7. Help children recognize, accept and respect the fact that there are people who know more than them, in this case surf instructors.

  8. Improves spatial orientation and coordinated movement.

  9. Improves motor skills in general.

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