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Intro To Skate: Girls Event with The OisF Foundation

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know some great people from The OisF Foundation. Together we created a donation based Intro to Skate Event for girls in Manasquan! We had quite an exciting turnout with kids as young as 6 years old showing up ready to take their first steps onto the board. Everyone received basic instructions on preparing for a safe ride along with how to pick out the best skateboard and equipments suited for them. Parents were thrilled watching their children having fun while learning this new skill - it was so special! As expected, some of our participants walked away determined and continued to have fun gliding across ramps all day long! It was an unforgettable day!

Have you heard about The OisF Foundation? They're a nonprofit that's all about spreading kindness and building strength in girls, while supporting and empowering survivors of abuse. Their love for the sea inspired them to create local activities and programs that connect women and girls with the transformative power of the ocean.

Their Rider Program is a great way for young girls to become part of a community that inspires goodness and strength in each other, all while enjoying various ocean-centered opportunities and events. But that's not all - they're also dedicated to raising awareness about abuse and ending the silence surrounding it. Through their advocacy work, they're giving all survivors, and all women and girls a voice and a safe space to share their stories. And with their programs and services, they're helping more women and children affected by abuse or domestic violence to experience the healing and strengthening power of the sea.

We joined forces on this mission to make the world a kinder, stronger, and safer place for all. Riders at the Intro to Skate Event go to experience the thrills of skateboarding while learning how to push through fears and how to always get back up and continue trying! ViraSun provided the girls & our skate team with stylish sun protection and everyone went home with a special experience to remember for a lifetime.All in all, it was an incredibly rewarding and inspiring experience for all of us who participated. Seeing the look on the girls' when they finally achieved their skateboarding goal was truly remarkable. Our success is a testament to The OisF Foundation and their dedication in promoting positivity, courage, and resilience through initiatives. We are so grateful and humbled for this opportunity to make a positive impact on the youth!

Attend their 3rd Annual Wave of Change Fundraiser on June 22 @ Reef & Barrel

Let's ride the waves of change together!

This year Sandy Avocado Surf is donating 1% of profits from our Island Girls Surf Immersion to The OisF Foundation in order to help further their mission of supporting survivors of abuse.

To learn more about abuse, to find resources for those experiencing abuse, or to discover more about the healing powers of the ocean, please visit The OisF Resources Page.

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