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Let The Girls Rip! Get Ready For Summer Fun With These 7 Female Owned Biz's On LBI


Guapo's Coffee House

Get ready, Beach Haven! This summer marks the debut of Guapo's Coffee House - a stylish cafe serving up irresistible coffee and juices along with best-in-class snacks. Bring your furry friends for some quality hangs and tasty treats in the trendiest new spot in town. Grab a seat and get cozy; this is the perfect place for some quality chillin' with friends or your new favorite office!


Black Sheep Studios

LBI's home of badassery. Tucked away in a natural and serene setting, this fitness studio is the perfect place to leave your world behind while diving into an empowering environment that celebrates every journey towards bettering oneself. Get ready for hard-hitting workouts with fellow warriors - on the beach or in the studio - all are welcome here!


Orderly At The Shore

Caught in the chaos of clutter? Trade it for a tranquil coastal calm with Orderly at the Shore! Make any home or vacation rental sleek and organized, all thanks to their professional organizing services.


506 Surf Boutique

A one-stop shop for all your surf-fashion needs! 506 Surf Boutique offers a carefully selected range of styles from leading brands. From stylish swimwear and functional surfwear to the perfect casual outfit, you can find it here. Accessorize your look with a unique selection of products - there's always something new and exciting in store.


Host On The Coast

Are you looking for the best LBI experience? Look no further! Host on the Coast has a highly skilled team of locals who can help make your life easier by handling all those essential, time-consuming tasks. Their expansive network provides unparalleled access to amazing Long Beach Island experiences, and a commitment to excellent service combined with professional expertise makes them the premier property management and concierge service around.


Picnic Perfect LBI

With tailored packages to fit your occasion, kick back and soak in a blissful experience that'll stay with you for a lifetime. Picnic Perfect LBI's all-inclusive picnic sets not only guarantee unforgettable summer moments. Each picnic is tailored to be uniquely yours on the beach, at the bay, or your own backyard!


Sandy Avocado Surf

And last but not least, is us! For years, we've been providing summer fun through surfing and skimboarding camps. This year we are shining the spotlight on young women and pioneering an all inclusive surf and skate program. Be sure to join us this summer- its going to be epic!

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