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Move Better, Surf Stronger with DFI

Our founder, Steff Mags, began her journey in surf specific training in 2022 with Prof. Valentin Gomez of DFI Surf Training- a functional training system that focuses around the specific physical demands of surfing.

In 2019, Prof. Valentin started developing DFI training in Argentina. His full interest was in functional anatomy and integral movements. As he started mixing different theories and corporal practices, the results were obvious. Participants were moving better, improving posture, and releasing pain. Following his dream of working with surfers, he moved to Costa Rica and delivered the DFI training system. He introduced this approach to surfers with a focus on strength and conditioning, following the specific demands of the sport.

DFI helps surf athletes in all of the right areas: structural and postural changes, mobility and stability development, strength and power development, and functional efficiency of dynamic systems.

Professor Valentin shared the inside scoop on his top three movement and stability exercises for surfers. Try these at home before your next session!

Hips & core control, lateral stability with rotation

This is a very important movement for surfers, having a strong lateral line, core control and hip stability prevents low back injuries and keep you strong during carvings and barrels

Full stability system, one foot cross line

This movement provides general stability and an organic relationship between the full leg, core and arms. By surfing we are exposed to a lot of situations of high stability and 3D movements where the body needs to work over the cross lines and keep the momentum economic and efficient.

Split lateral squat, mobility and strength for legs & hips

This is an important movement to build strength and flexibility on the same team. We believe that sport flexibility comes over by working strength on a big range of motions. Surfing is classified as an ipsilateral sport (DNS theorizes that one side of the body is working by different demands on the other side) so having an exercise of 'one leg strength movement' is important to maintain a good balance between the development of both legs.

All of these movements can help every surfer to get stronger and prevent injuries in the future.

Move better, surf stronger!

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