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Surf & Skim

Join the coolest summer camp on LBI

Learn to Surf, Skim, Yoga, & Create Art

Improve wave riding skills in just 4 days

Our longest running program is a favorite amongst locals and visitors to the LBI Region.

Designed for ages 7-12 and wave riders of all skill levels, this weekly camp boasts warmups with a local yogi, daily surfing and skimboarding, and creative expression through various art projects. Days are filled with a mix of learning, creating, and having fun through games- all working to improve wave riding skills.

*Weekly starting June 24, 2024*


Discover Your Inner Surfer with the ONLY All-Girls Surf Program on LBI

Empowering girls to develop lifelong love for the ocean

Our four-day surf immersion program is the only all-girls surf program on LBI. We are here to empower girls to discover their inner surfer and develop a lifelong love for the ocean. Our program operates Mondays-Thursdays, 9am-2pm and accommodates the ever-changing ocean conditions. Girls have the opportunity to develop their skills and boost their self-confidence with surf sessions, skateboarding, yoga, art, journaling, and more!

Experienced Instructors - Unforgettable Memories

*Weekly starting July 1, 2024*

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Here to inspire, empower, and connect women through surfing

Ages 18+

We provide you with the tools and confidence to ride the waves and embrace the surfing lifestyle.

We believe in providing a supportive and inclusive environment where women can connect, learn, and grow together.

July 13 - 14 | Aug 10 - 11

Limited Space

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Join the party and ride the waves with us!
Experience unforgettable surf-related events for all ages
From skate meetups to surf parties, and everything in between, we curate engaging experiences for people of all ages and interests.


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